Keeping the Art of Conversation Alive

I think it’s safe to say that for the majority of us, during these past four months, we’ve had far less conversations than we had a year ago during the same time.  The very definition of quarantine implies a level of isolation and we have all felt this to one degree or another throughout the... Continue Reading →

The Only Graduation that Matters

Yesterday afternoon, Samuel and Faith walked across a stage and officially graduated from James Valley Christian School. Their courses and work were completed almost two months ago…but there is something to be said about a walk across a stage or field, a handshake from the principle, a diploma in hand and the flip of a... Continue Reading →

As They Leave the Nest

We have a swallow’s nest above our backyard garage door. Yes, a newbie homeowner mistake, for sure. We should have torn it down the second they started building! The droppings are horrible and having birds dive-bombing around our heads when we try to go out the back door makes us wish we had fought harder... Continue Reading →

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