Tis the Season to Assume

There have been a lot of trending words and phrases since the start of 2020; words that would not have made complete sense to us just a half a year ago: social distancing, new normal, flattening the curve, 6 feet apart. I believe as we begin to come out of the haze and fog of... Continue Reading →

Gentleness Amid the Germs

I’m not sure what your home has been looking like these last few weeks, but ours is starting to get a bit restless. Not restless to necessarily “do more” but restless in the sense of being more easily annoyed and more easily frustrated. Buttons are pushed a little bit quicker, comments come out a little... Continue Reading →

Not an Event but a Process

Last week we looked at the reality that we can’t take our kids where we have not first gone ourselves. We can’t expect from them what we are not pursuing and modeling with our own lives. But there is another caution I would add…another encouragement I want to share. When our kids do begin to... Continue Reading →

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